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Local knowledge and global reach are the keys to growing a successful eBusiness in any new market. Particularly a market that’s as challenging as Japan’s. YDM digital is the powerful joint venture of Yamato Group and Deutsche Post DHL Group.
Hence you can benefit from truly local expertise and outstanding cross-border capacities when developing your eBusiness in Japan or anywhere else on the world. Our team of international eCommerce experts unites marketing and logistic competencies and develops individual solutions corresponding to your specific requirements.
We accelerate your ROI with effective consulting and strictly data-driven solutions.

Find out, what we can do for your eBusiness:

from market analysis to webshop adaption, market place listings, online marketing, logistics and warehousing

Katja Berchtenbreiter

Director YDM digital

started her professional career in ecommerce in 1999 at the worldwide operating Metro Group, Dusseldorf, Germany. She combines in-depth online marketing knowledge with long-term experience with large brands as well as SMBs. Currently, she advises international ecommerce companies in the field of cross-border ecommerce. Her creative campaign concepts have been awarded numerous prizes.

Fumitake Higashino

Manager YDM digital

joined the online marketing industry 2005 at GMO Nikko. Since then, he deepened his knowledge by working for numerous Japanese and international clients at agencies and ad-tech companies. He is regarded as an industry expert who covers all online marketing disciplines and is appreciated for its up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Japanese market.

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Your Partner for the entire eCommerce
value chain:

local and global.

eCommerce, Online Marketing and Logistics at one stop

Deepest knowledge of the Japanese market

Enormous experience in cross-border eCommerce

Holistic consulting approach

Hands-on: smart thinking, fast acting

Significant ROI-optimization

International team of experts


Reliable and future-proof

Solutions for your digital business.

To be successful in eCommerce means to permanently challenge and optimize an enormous amount of details. Our holistic approach will start from the very beginning and will consider all important details: strategy, brand positioning, webshop optimization, multichannel advertising and logistics.

YDM digital eCommerce services

Providing the basis for the successful development of your eBusiness: analysis of markets, target groups and your existing eCommerce infrastructure.

  • - Market entry consulting

  • - KPI-based eCommerce strategies

  • - Analysis of markets, competitors and target groups

  • - Analysis of existing webshops and websites

  • - Usability and performance analysis

  • - Online market research

Your webshop is the central point of your eBusiness – it's performance and usability is most important for your sustainable success.

  • - Translation services

  • - Local payment services

  • - Landing page creation

  • - Design services

  • - Sales funnel analysis and usability optimization

The efficient placement of your products on marketplaces and price comparison platforms needs permanent attention and management for best results.

  • - Software implementation and configuration

  • - Process design

  • - Design of storefronts and product pages

  • - Store management

  • - Content optimization with local input

  • - Fully landed cost calculation

  • - Customer services

We help you to explore and to continuously optimize the whole customer journey, covering both online and offline channels.

  • - KPI-based campaign concepts and management

  • - Performance marketing (CPX-optimization): SEM, SEO, affiliate, e-mail, etc.

  • - Digital Branding and Online Public Relations

  • - Multichannel campaign set-up (online/offline)

  • - Data-driven marketing automation

  • - CRM-campaigns

Trouble-free shipment and delivery is very important for customer experience and loyalty. In close collaboration with Yamato Group and Deutsche Post DHL Group we offer easy-to-handle, scalable logistic and shipping solutions. With the enormous experience and the capacities of Yamato Transport and DHL eCommerce you’ll get customized logistic solutions, local and cross-border.

  • - Data transfer and labeling

  • - Pick-up and handling

  • - Transport

  • - Customs clearance

  • - Delivery and return management


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・The Company entrusts to a third party the management of Personal Information that is necessary to achieve the Purpose of Use.
・The Company is one of the parties in the consolidation transaction.
・The Company uses Personal Information jointly with such designated entities that are publicly informed

6. Management of Sensitive Information

The Company will not acquire, use and provide to any third party sensitive information (e.g. political affiliation, religion, participation in labor union, race, ethnic group, family origin, legal address on family registry and medical information) unless authorized by law or necessary to conduct business on condition that the Company has the related customer's consent.

7. Control of Contractors

When a third party is consigned to deal with the Personal Information (such third party shall hereinafter be referred to as "Contractor"), the Company shall take such necessary measures as executing a confidentiality agreement to cause the third party to manage the Personal Information properly.

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